1st WordPress Ward Social Link-Up Party!!

20140904-IMG_3880Hey WordPress Ward!! We have reached 10 members! So may be our ward right now is just a little branch but I think it will continue to grow at a steady pace.

I have greatly appreciated to get to know all your blogs and read your testimonies. Thank you so much to all those who have submitted so far! Your testimonies are uplifting me during a hard time of my life.

Hopefully, one day we can have a real social but for now we can have a virtual ward social by linking up your all time favorite blog post!

Please comment below with one link to your all time favorite blog post. You can add a few sentences explaining why it is your favorite. Then read at least one other person’s link and comment on their blog.

I hope we enjoy our ward social by getting to know each other’s blogs! Please only post links that follow our blog standards. 🙂



11 thoughts on “1st WordPress Ward Social Link-Up Party!!

  1. Oh dear! Picking only one is a bit like saying which child we like most! 😉
    Here is a fairly recent post which is dear to my heart because it is about someone very dear to my heart who is now one of my angels: My Cousin Mark: A One In A Billion Life
    I look forward to reading everyone else’s “fave” posts & subscribing to your blogs.
    It’s great to be a member of the WordPress Ward! – MoSop

    • Enjoyed your post Wayne. It brought to mind two quotes – both particularly apt given the comment you received from the atheist. The first is actually from a song by Steven Kapp-Perry: “Some say He is God; and some say it can’t be; And though they’re both sincere, the message is quite clear; the choice is left to me.”

      The second quote is from Stuart Chase: a 19th century US economist, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”

      As you say, evidence follows belief – that is why it is faith….

  2. My favourite is usually one of my most recent ones just because it’s something that will have been on my mind. But I guess to try and pick one from the last year I would probably pick my post about mental health and the Atonement. It was certainly the most read and most commented – and I’ve picked it because I think it’s the one that was probably most helpful for some people.


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