Sunday Talk: “Pornography Will Only Destroy if we Let it”

This week’s Sunday talk will be by Taylor Made blog. The post being re-blogged is called “Pornography Will Only Destroy if we Let it.”

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Something has been on my mind lately. I understand that this issue is being talked about and  discussed quite frequently by the church, bishops, and even institute teachers.

Before I got married or even met Jake, I was taking a Preparing for Eternal Marriage class. My teacher mentioned a couple who came to talk to him before they got married. The man had an addiction to pornography, and was worried that his future wife would regret marrying him. This man was aware he had a problem, and was constantly working toward eternal progression. However, he didn’t want to drag down his sweetheart, and didn’t want to be a burden.
My teacher turned to the woman after the man gave all of the reasons why he wasn’t worthy of her love, and asked her what she thought. She said that she loved this man more than anyone in the whole world, and that she could see what he could become. She believed in him and the Atonement. The man turned to her in disbelief. He couldn’t believe the love and compassion that she showed toward him in that moment. After that he was a changed man, and together they worked towards eternal progression.
I love this story, and I think it’s important for everyone to remember. Nowadays, statistically it shows that one in nine men will encounter pornography before they are thirteen. It is something that we can try to prevent, and a problem we hope will just go away. It is not going away, it is here because Satan knows what it can do to families. He knows that if he can divide the family, he has made a huge victory. Dear ladies and gentlemen, I guarantee someone you love has seen pornography.

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