5th WordPress Ward Social Link-Up Party!!


Picture Source: May Bo Hubard

Hey WordPress Ward!! It’s been super busy lately. Sorry for the lack of highlights but be prepared for some awesome new members of the ward in 2015!!

These link-up parties are so we can get to know each other’s blogs, build a WordPress Mormon community, and help search engines find good Mormon blogs.

This link up will be in conjunction with Christmas! Let’s link up blog posts that has anything to do with #ShareTheGift.

Please comment below with one link to your #ShareTheGift Blog Post. It can be a blog post that you’ve just barely wrote or a blog post from the past. Then read at least one other person’s link and comment on their blog.

Please only post links that follow our blog standards. 🙂

Do you know a good Mormon WordPress blogger? Please send them this way!

We are taking a break with blog teaching for December but it will start back up in January! 🙂


12 thoughts on “5th WordPress Ward Social Link-Up Party!!

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