Announcement: 2015 Posting Schedule

Happy New Year

Hey WordPress Ward,

I want to make this blog more consistent. I realized I didn’t do so well at the end of 2014. Life gets really busy around the holidays.

The “WordPress Ward” has over 55 member bloggers and I honestly think there’s a lot more of your out there! I have found some of your blog a lot of you found this blog. I have felt the Holy Ghost so many times while reading your blog submissions and testimonies… I want to keep this blog going. So here’s the plan for 2015:


Monday to Friday:

  • “Blog Highlights” of new members. Depending on how many submissions I get that month… I will do 1 to 3 highlights a week.


I’m recruiting people to help me with this… I can’t do it by myself… but if this blog falls short please forgive us in advance! We will try our best to keep it going and then rely on the atonement to make it awesome.

What do you think about this posting schedule?


7 thoughts on “Announcement: 2015 Posting Schedule

  1. I really like it, and I will help as much as I can when I get my new computer. Mine bit the dust, and everything I’m doing is from my Kindle. Plus I’m incredibly technologically challenged, but I will do what I can! Who knows? Maybe I will learn something!

  2. Then I definitely have to sign up! I’ve been planning to, but just haven’t, yet. Now that I’ve made a posting schedule for my own blogs, I should sign up here.

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