Announcement: Using Official Church Hastags

Hey WordPress Ward,

The goal of the WordPress Ward is to flood the internet (or WordPress Feed) with good Mormon blogs and connecting all our blogs together so other people an find us on search engines.

Did you know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have #hashtags recommendations?

I encourage you to always post on the #mormon hashtag whenever you write “anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.” [Articles of Faith #13]. The reason: I am constantly on the “Mormon feed” on the WordPress reader and I run into some really depressing stuff on there. We want to post as much good stuff on there so the bad stuff don’t over crowd the feed. There’s a lot of anti-stuff… ex-mormons… news reporters … other church leaders who post on the #mormon hastag. So let’s flood the feed with good stuff!!

I also encourage you to participate in social media whenever a worldwide church event is happening like last week’s Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults. In the devotional, the speaker asked three questions and asked us to reply using social media using the hashtag #cesdevo. This allows us to communicate to other members of the church around the world and also to the church leaders. They read our posts! I used to work for the church’s IT department and they are big on social media!

What hashtags do you use most frequently? Here are a few more hashtags to keep you occupied! Happy tagging!

General Hashtags

  • #Mormon
  • #LDS
  • #JesusChrist
  • #Christian


General Conference

  • #LDSconf

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music

  • #MoTab

Worldwide Devotionals for Young Adults

  • #LDSdevo

Christmas Devotional

  • #ChristmasDevo





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