2015 February “Blog Teaching” Assignments

Here is February 2015 “Blog Teaching” assignments. You can read about how “Blog Teaching” started here.

7 awesome people did their blog teaching last month! Thank you!!! Our “ward” currently consists of 57 members.

source: www.lds.org

source: www.lds.org

Here are the steps to fulfill your “Blog Teaching” assignment:

1) Click on your assignment blog

2) Read and “like” one of their posts

3) Comment and say something nice on their blog

4) Return and report on this post by commenting below

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting and getting to know other WordPress Ward members blogs through “Blog Teaching!!”

OH and please don’t forget to do your REAL home teaching and visiting teaching for this month! 🙂

If you are new to the WordPress Ward and is not listed. Check back next month for your “Blog Teaching” Assignment!!

Blog Assignment
8 Ways 2 Sister Missionaure
Abstractly Sydney Smiling LDS Girl
All Things Witness Short Stop Designs
Beaty All Around SamFa2paito
Cyberspace Solitude Hispanic Mormon
Daily Gospel Truths Religious Reason
Days of Chandler Days of Chandler
Defending the Faith My Lovely Little Corner
Disciple Wild Bells
Family Foundations Princess Architect
Feast Upon the Words of Chri Mormon Nudges
Free Spirted Mormon Woman Viewing
Great Things Not Just For Mormons
Hispanic Mormon Mamma Roars
Hubbard’s Cupboard 8 Ways 2
I Looked and Beheld Solomon Soliloquies
Just a Utah Girl Taylor Made
Kyle Treasure Xtiphanieo
Latter Day Liberal Our Second City
LDS Stake Dance Music Family Foundations
Littlemissdebbie28 Free Spirited
Lori Notes Latter Day Liberal
Madd Mom Betty Littlemissdebbie28
Mamma Roars Defending the Faith
Maneys Smiles Back Walking My Blog
Mormon Bloke Witnessing in the Windy City
Mormon Nudges Sunday Movies
Mormon Soprano Mormonkidd
Mormon Women Viewing Soon to be Sister Missionary
Mormonkidd Pocket Full of Joy
My Lovely Little Corner Waters of Peace
Not Just for Mormons Disciple
Odes and Oracles Mormon Soprano
Our Second City Daily Gospel Truths
Princess Architect Relationship Refinery
Pushpin Pictures I Looked and Beheld
Relationship Refinery Beauty All Around
Religious Reason Great Things
SamFa2paito All Things Witness
Short Stop Designs This Miracle Mile
Sister Missionaure Hubbard’s Cupboard
Smiling LDS Girl Abstractly Sydney
Soloman Soliloquies Cyberspace Solitude
Soon to Be Sister Missionary Waffles & Cream
Sunday Movies Virtuous Prom
Taylor Made Mormon Bloke
The Mormon Revival Maneys Smiles Back
The Mormon Scientist Lori Notes
This Miracle Mile Kyle Treasure
Virtuous Prom Odes and Oracles
Waffles & Cream The Mormon Revival
Walking My Blog Feast Upon the Words of Christ
Waters of Peace The Mormon Scientist
Wild Bells Pushpin Pictures
Witnessing in the Windy City LDS Stake Dance Music
Xtiphanieo Just a Utah Girl

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9 thoughts on “2015 February “Blog Teaching” Assignments

  1. I was glad to do my visiting teaching this month! I visited Littlemissdebbie28, and she has a really great gratitude list going on. It surely taught me! I looked more through her blog and decided to follow it! It really pays to do your visiting teaching!

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