Sunday Talk: “Speech! Speech!”

This week’s Sunday talk will be by No, Just Elisabeth, thanks blog. The post being re-blogged is called “Speech! Speech!”sacrament-meeting-LDS

Good morning brothers and sisters. Today I have been asked to talk on the topic “How can we avoid spiritual blind spots and see ourselves through God’s eyes?”. I was given a talk from October 2014 General Conference “Lord is it I?” by President Uchdorf to read and study in preparation for this talk. It spoke of humbling ourselves before God in order to be willing to learn and change. This contradicted the first thoughts I had about the topic which were more of thinking better of ourselves as we can so often be our own worst enemies. I think in this day and age, those two thoughts are constantly battling in our minds. We are trained today in thinking about the physical -you’re hair should be a certain way, we should be wearing certain clothes, we should be a certain weight- which can often lead to discouraging thoughts that lower our self esteem. Men and Women are presented with images that have been edited on a computer and set ourselves an impossible standard.

However, we are also guilty of being prideful and self involved. Not looking at how we can help others but at how we can help ourselves. We see ourselves as good and are not willing …
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