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Blog Name: From This Conference to Next

Categories: General Conference, Scripture Study, LDS Prophets, Gospel Doctrine, Gospel Study

Testimony: I was three years old. It took my Father another almost 20 years to be converted. I was 8 as is usual when I was baptized, but I can say truly that I was converted at the age of 14. Because we where a part member family there where often struggles about going to church, and going to activities, and I wasn’t sure weather it was all worth it, so I did what I had been taught to do, I studied, I prayed and I asked Heavenly Father to tell me what it was I was supposed to do. Also at the time I was attending a private Christian High School, where many of the students and teachers had a very negative outlook about the Church, so just to get through the day, I always had to know the answer and have a response to their accusations. More studying, more praying, and learning to listen and rely on the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t an over night thing, or a singular moment, but as time passed I asked myself is this fight worth it? Why should I continue to defend the Church and it’s doctrines. The answer, 100% from my heart was, I should defend it because it is TRUE. I knew that all of it was true. I knew that Joseph Smith had seen the Father and the Son in the flesh and that he was the Prophet God used to restore his Church. I knew the book of Mormon was true scripture and contained a witness of Jesus Christ. And I knew that Christ was the Son of God, that he had died for me and had risen again, all so that I could return to live with my Heavenly Father. Now life has continued to not always be easy and there have been many struggles, some small and some huge. Some I have stood in valiantly and some I have fallen defeated. But regardless, I have never lost that knowledge that My Father Lives, That my Savior Lives. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love His Church. It truly is home not matter where I go. It isn’t about doctrine for me, it isn’t about the emphasis on family, it isn’t about all the good the Church does, even though each of those are wonderful things. But we do those things, I do those things because this is Christs Church. He leads us and guides us, his Prophet is at the head of the Church. and even with my short comings I always come back because I do know that the Church is not a marble hall for Saints, but a hospital for the wounded, and that the healing that all are so desperately in need of can be found in His Church.


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