Highlighting: Soeur Ellis


Blog Name: Soeur Ellis

Categories: Missionary, Sister Missionary, Mission, Paris, France

Testimony: heavenly father is just helping us out by giving us what we need, before it even happens. i dont know what i need, but i trust him to help me find it. and im putting my trust in him now! im here in liège, just going out and doing the will of God! i have him to lead me, and im so happy to be able to follow. i love being a missionary. its the greatest thing ive ever done. the days are hard and moments are hard, but its the time when you fell the love and power of God in your life that makes it all absolutely worth it! and that is literally manifest in everything. a smile from a random person after you stare them down and smile at them. a reply-bonjour.a solid contact. an investigator preparing for baptism. someone keeping commitments. people progressing. people loving god. and of course, prayers.


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