Sunday Talk: “Introduction and Honest Testimony from a Not So Typical Mormon”

My name is Nikki and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Living the Gospel demands a lot, but living “in the world” I found that the world demands a lot more and it gives a lot less.


Sunday Talk: “Family Home Beach”

This week’s Sunday talk will be by Lori’s Notes blog. The post being re-blogged is called “Family Home Beach.” Monday night in Mormon families often means Family Home Evening*. Our particular take on that for this week was Family Beach. We wheeled our bikes into and then out of the elevator, and about 20 minutes later we…

Sunday Talk: “Spiritual Food”

This week’s Sunday talk will be by Cyberspace Solitude blog. The post being re-blogged is called “Spiritual Food.” Have you ever fasted? Fasting is going without food for a period of time. Usually it is done to increase spirituality. I think the idea is to control your physical cravings in an attempt to feel the spiritual cravings that…